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Denton Daley, CEO

Denton is the Founder at Dangerous Mind Advertising; Social Media Marketing Agency.  His team of 'Ninjas' are experts with SEO, Web Design, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram ads...
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Dangerous Mind Advertising is a behavioral based digital marketing agency specialized using Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising for lead generation.  Simply, we send you qualified leads looking for your business and all you have to do is help them!  We use best practices for customer acquisition along with high converting follow up sequences that have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the industries we work with.  We service ANY industry or niche.  With over 1.2 trillion searches on Google per year and over 3 billion users on Facebook & Instagram, digital marketing has proven to be the FASTEST and most inexpensive way to grow a business regardless of industry!! 

What Some Of Our Clients Had To Say
Pain Management
If your business is in the pain management services, then we can help.  This includes, but not limited to Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Podiatrist/Pedorthist, etc. 
“Denton, thank you for your ideas and implementation to help me with brand awareness and to get more patients. Helping people has always been my life’s journey and I see you’re on the same path! I started my work with you with a BANG until these two guys showed up, do you know them? LOL . I’m confident with our action plan and will see it through. Thank you!"
                                              Dr. Dhaliwal 
Home & Commercial Services
Includes but not limited to Painters, Cleaners, Roofers, Electricians, Renovations, etc.  
“All I can say is Denton you rock! I had no clue I can grow my electrician business outside of ‘word of mouth’ advertising especially in New York where many people prefer to use illegal Electricians to save on costs. Now I almost have more clients than I can handle regularly. I even hired my cousin to help me out at night time. I remember when you first told me that you would be the bridge to my clients and you weren’t lying at all. Thank you for helping me grow my man!”

Gym Owners
If you're a gym owner in the Physical Fitness, Kickboxing, Crossfit, Martial Arts, Group Training industries we can help you fill your schedules 
"Excellent job money well spent. DMA did an excellent job in marketing my gym. Excellent time management, precision in targeting to my market niche. I recommend DMA for your marketing needs."
Includes but not limited to Facials, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Styles, etc
“Hey Denton, my husband and I would like to thank you for all the help you’d given us. I had no clue our processes were broken and costing me sales and I’m glad you were able to look at that process for us. We’d saved ourselves almost $80k on staff and our client acquisition process makes a whole lot of sense now. Thank you for your direction and detail, not to mention the leads you send us daily as it was definitely what we needed (Big Hug😊.)”
Real Estate
If you're in Real Estate this includes but not limited to Realtors, Mortgage Agents, Real Estate Investors, Renovations, etc.
"Getting 30 leads in 7 weeks and signing 4 buyer representation agreements (BRA) was the best start to my career.  Thank you DMA!"
Financial Advisor
Includes but not limited to Annuity, Financial Planning, Debt Management, etc.
“Helping people where they fall short is a great business model Denton! I’ve done PPC marketing in the past and it was a nightmare! Although I wanted you to take a crack at it… I distinctly remembered you refusing and explained how I would get more business using Facebook. You were right, and that’s why I appreciate working with you the most. Your consultation on best practices and honesty is what helps business owners like me succeed. Thank you!”

                                                 Millian Sr.
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Whatever the niche, we have you covered.  Our team of experts follow a very unique playbook to draw up the perfect strategies to implement in each campaign.  We design the websites, landing pages, follow up sequences and customer acquisition while you convert each lead we send you into long term paying customers and grow your business. 
How Do We Generate Leads?
Our marketing agency specializes in online lead generation.  Just how we brought you to this page, we can also drive targeted web traffic to a landing page that we custom design for you.  We then use highly targeted Facebook Ads to drive your ideal customers to your landing page for your services.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What is Included in My Campaigns?
A - We build your business a custom landing page, email and text message followup sequence & manage the ads that drive traffic to your business while you concentrate on what you do best.

2.  How do Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Ads Work?
A - These are incredible advertising platforms that consists of billions of users.  We can target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors, & 100's of other factors.  We are specialists at finding your customers online & bring them to your business!  We can even target your past customers & 'retarget' your current visitors to increase your conversions even further.

3.  Can I See Some Samples of Your Work?
A - Absolutely.  Please mention this on our call and we will mock up ad samples particularly for YOUR business so you can see the quality of our work before committing to work with us!

4.  Do You Work With Our Competition?
A - We only work with 1 local niche specific business per 10 mile radius so there will be no conflict of interest between our client campaigns.  Once you secure your location it is yours and yours only!
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